Friday, 20 March 2015

Made by Mavericks, How a Cup of Coffee Could Change the World

How Could A Cup of Coffee Change the World? 

Let me Introduce you to Made By Mavericks

Made by Mavericks is actually an off shoot of a fabulous co-operative that has been successfully training people with developmental disabilities for careers in the food services industry for the last 14 years. However, Common ground cooperative  does much more than train. I included Common Ground, and their various projects in a Linkedin post about caterering with awareness in the Toronto area.

AUTISM GROWS UP: Common Ground Co-Operative from Gerald Patrick Fantone on Vimeo

Common Group is an excellent program for people with developmental challenges, and, to risk sounding like "Bill and Ted", an even More EXCELLENT caterer. In 2013, the Coffee Shed at Surrey Place Centre, one of Common Grounds coffee shops, purchased a manual espresso press, challenging for even the most dexterous. An extensive training program was implemented and soon the barrista art was MASTERED. People raved about the coffee. By 2014, eight baristas had graduated from the program and profits at The Coffee Shed soared.

So whats next? 

MADE BY MAVERICKS aims to expand the program. They launched a highly successful IndiGoGo campaign and are currently the favourites to win the "Start Something With Alesse" contest ( Vote for Made By Mavericks HERE until midnight ET March 24, 2015 to help them win the $5000 funding for their initiative!). 

In the words of Made By Mavericks themselves: 

Our business partners, their families and the wider community will all benefit directly from this initiative. Partners will gain confidence, skills, valuable workplace interaction, and the ability to live independently. Their engagement in meaningful commercial activity positively impacts the local economy. It also provides an opportunity to increase the visibility of this often-overlooked section of the community and to educate the public on the potential for creative and positive forms of social inclusion.

Next time you're craving one of those expensive coffee extravaganzas from your favourite chi chi shoppe, why not warm your heart as well, and head to The Coffee Shed and have your latte Made By A Maverick!! 

Want to know how to find The Coffee Shed?

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