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Its a Small World After All : How People Around the World are Uniting to Protect Autistic Children from being Poisoned

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Sometimes being heroic is not one person doing an extraordinary thing. Sometimes being heroic is actually a large group of people coming together to make the world a safer place. 

This is one such story of heroism
The autism community is vast. Recent studies have suggested that 1 out of every 68 children aged eight will have a diagnosis of autism. That means that chances are VERY LIKELY that you will know, love, care for or even are yourself an autistic person. As with any emerging 'minority' group fighting for its rights, there are many divisions within the autism community. That divisiveness takes away from all the accomplishments and the huge strides we've made in awareness and acceptance. 

SO instead, today, I want to talk about something that is UNITING the autism community, worldwide.

But I have to start by way of bringing up a controversy. 

I have to use a four letter word, well two actually.




Now whatever your opinions on the matter, I would like you to put them aside, because although this story has at its route horrible abuse happening in the name of a 'cure', it is in truth about those fighting to protect our children from being poisoned.

And that is something that should not be attacked. This worldwide movement should, and will, be lauded.

Let the story begin

A wonderful woman I know through a Facebook autism group shared information with me on Chlorine Dioxide, sometimes referred to as Mineral Miracle Supplement (MMS or, Mineral Miracle Solution as it was renamed after the US FDA threatened legal charges). Like most people, I figured it was an internet scam. A hoax. A story told to get 'clicks' , 'likes' and 'shares'. But a few other friends started talking about it too. 

People around the world were (and still are) using a home-made (because it is illegal to buy) bleach compound and either feeding it to, or using it as an enema on, their young children with autism in an effort to cure them. I could not believe this was real. But it was, and is. There are many Facebook groups dedicated to helping parents 'recover' their child with this banned substance. They console each other, encourage each other to continue even when their children are covered in rashes, vomiting up blood and have severely high fevers lasting days. They tell each other this is the 'poison' being eliminated from their child's body, rather than the signs of CD poisoning they truly are. They post pictures of their child's feces, filled with mucous, proud that they are getting rid of 'parasites' in their children , when in fact it is actually the intestinal wall being broken down and excreted.

Why, you rightfully ask, would any parent in their right mind do this?

Because of 2 people. Jim Humble and Kerri Rivera.

Jim Humble is a quack.

He has reported in various venues over the years that he has cured cancer, AIDS, and more with this bleach concoction. His outlandish claims, even to the point of creating his very own 'church', leave him fairly easy to distinguish as a quack, and so most people avoid him. 
But then there's Kerri Rivera. 
Who wrote a book.
Healing The Symptoms Known as Autism.
Kerri opened a clinic in Mexico (as it is illegal to use CD/MMS in the US) and claims to have  'recovered' upwards of 110 children from autism (not her OWN autistic child, however). Kerri's book is available on Amazon. for anyone who hasn't done due diligence, to buy. Kerri, unlike Jim Humble, makes only the claim to cure autism, not every other disease, condition, disorder and personality known to mankind. She presents it in a slick, well marketed campaign, flaunting her book on autism sites and groups, preying upon, and even inciting, the fears all parents have for their children's futures, asd or not, but then uses autism as a death sentence, and a preventable one at that. Parents, now afraid for their children, end up trying Kerri's treatments. When scared by the horrible results they see, they turn to these groups where they are shamed if they make any mention of wanting to ease off, let alone stop. These parents are being manipulated in order for an author to sell her book. These parents are being convinced to FEED THEIR CHILDREN BLEACH simply to make someone some money.
An author has the right to free speach, so how do you help stem the tide of child abuse that Jim Humble and Kerri Rivera have encouraged with their writings? You can't yank their works off the shelves.
So what do you do?

You join together to make sure all parents KNOW what these people really are selling them (and thats exactly what it is, a SALE, not a CURE)

People from all corners of the earth got together to review to Kerri Rivera's book on Amazon. They cited scientific facts, disputed all the claims made in the book, and have hopefully given pause to anyone considering buying the book. Hopefully before a parent purchases the book they will be motivated to do their own research thanks to these numerous and intelligent reviews.

Families in Ireland created a petition that is now being signed by people all around the world. Senator Jillian Van Turnhout (independent member of the Irish Senate), a fierce supporter of the rights of children and advocate for their safety recently wrote an article voicing her concerns over CD/mms. In response to a query from Days of Whine and Rosé

"I am extremely concerned about the administration of the MMS Protocol, a toxic combination of chemicals in the so-called treatment of children with autism. Desperate parents with vulnerable children are being preyed upon by a growing worldwide industry offering unsubstantiated and frankly dangerous interventions forAutistic Spectrum Conditions. Parents must be warned of the dangers and Parliaments  must respond appropriately to protect children." Senator Van Turnhout

Even the main stream media in Ireland has also picked up on the uproar, something yet to occur in North America.

The UK seems to be far and ahead of the rest of the world in publicly recognizing the dangers of CD/MMS. In Wales, Rhys Morgan, just a young man himself, has been advocating for the banning of the cd/mms 'cure for all ails', and was part of an expose on bbc's 'The One'

The UK isn't the only place in Europe where you will find heroes in the fight against CD/MMS. A group in Germany has set their mandate to alert and inform. To whit:

  1. Educate the general public about MMS and its dangers. Not merely online, also in conversation with authors of TV shows and editors of newspapers and magazines. We jump in whenever something about MMS is written or broadcast.
  2. Alert the authorities. In Germany, we have a strict drug law which regulates that medicines may only be licensed after clinical studies that often last 10 years or more. MMS is, of course, not licensed, and therefore is being sold under the disguise of water treatment. So, the assertions made by Humble, Rivera & Co to have cured persons with MMS from ailments are a legal offence.
  3. "Pull the cash plug“. (They have already accomplished much in this area: and Amazon have pulled MMS as a product on their sites thanks to this groups advocacy)

Although the compound itself is illegal, there are many many MANY groups that will tell you WHERE to order the individual ingredients on line. So in an effort to counteract that people all over the world are creating Facebook groups, from every culture and in every language imaginable, to help spread awareness of this potentially deadly 'protocol' ( Islamic and Spanish,  to name just a two ). These groups are motivated to help spread information and awareness of the dangers, and to help stymie the efforts of those selling the products or deifying Jim Humble and Kerry Rivera. Stymie efforts like this video, where Kerri Rivera herself teaches you how to 'safely' make this dangerous compound in baby bottles for your infant!


All these efforts are not in isolation.

People from Australia, Canada, The UK, The USA, Africa and more banded together to create the Ban Chlorine Dioxide /MMS as Autism Therapy website. Created, contributed to and run by both autistic and allistic people with the common goal of saving children from this horrific 'protocol'. They raise money amongst themselves to fund the site, volunteer their time and energy researching the status of CD/MMS in various countries and donate their time to keep the site a going concern. When was the last time you saw such a diverse group of people banding together in a common cause? When have so many countries around our fair planet been so united?

Here's hoping that this Untied Group of Heroes can accomplish their goal. Let their fight not be in vain, for the 'victory' won is the safety of autistic children.

I personally am anti-cure, I have made that known before, and stand by it. But I am asking, PLEASE do not make this story about a fight between those who believe in a cure, and those who don't. That divisiveness will not help to advance Autism Awareness and Acceptance.

But stories like this, of people around the world joining together, will make a difference.

So please, save your ire not for those who believe in a cure, but for those who make money by promoting fear, instilling the 'want' for a cure and promoting the poisoning our children

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