Friday, 15 November 2013

Take Off, Eh!

Handsome man pointed out (and I'm here on in claiming it as my idea) the OBVIOUS (once its pointed out) connection between Rob&Doug Ford and Bob&Doug McKenzie.  My sincerest apologies to great Canadian icons Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis for making the connection, but their alter egos are frighteningly similar to the bumbling brothers that hold a tight grasp on our fair Toronto. The McKenzie/Ford brothers share a look, intellect, behaviour and the incomprehensible ability to hang onto their niche DESPITE their actions. Both sets are dim witted and have NO IDEA just how inept they are. The difference between them is that the McKenzie Brothers never hurt a single sole, they had fun, and made us all a little happier. Quite the opposite with our elected siblings from hell. Rob&Doug Ford are the ANTI-McKenzie Brothers. They, Rob especially, are on a path to complete disaster, dare I say it, even nihilation. A path of destruction accompanies their descent, and Rob Ford's very PHYSICAL survival is doubtful. The enablers surround, as so often happens with a person with power (Michael Jackson comes immediately to mind) and personality disorder is becoming a more likely explanation day after day. As I type this city council is taking steps to remove Mayor Ford's power. Yet they cannot remove HIM. And its doubtful he'll step down. Rob has said he is getting medical assistance, but come on, there's no way you can get ADEQUATE help unless you dedicate yourself to it FULL TIME. The greatest hope the City has, and Rob&Doug themselves, is that with the seeping away of Rob's powers, the clingers-on and enablers will fade away and stop assisting this suicide. Perhaps then he will step down and get real help. Rob- and Doug- our fair city has excellent care via The Centre For Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). Be an example rather than a joke. Step down. Get Help.

Feel free to comment below- hoser jokes welcome, 'cause if we don't laugh at this situation, we'll cry!

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